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What Do We Offer?


We Offer A Full Package of Solutions for Improved Workplace Management

We provide web-based software to manage and share information about workplace conditions on labor, ethics, health & safety, environmental and security issues -- leading to improved supply chain/workplace efficiency, oversight, accountability and economy.

  1. FFC Membership provides your company full access to an all-inclusive supply chain/workplace management technical solution: a secure web-based application, unlimited logins, unlimited usage, data hosting, data security, ongoing software maintenance and upgrades including new features like the Tablet Application, participation in working groups and user group meetings, Training and Helpdesk Support. The standard FFC Platform offers a configurable environment for:

    • Full members who use the FFC as their Compliance Management Solution. For more information, see Audit Platform & Sharing Platform.

    • Sharing and Collaboration Members who conduct audits using other tools and are interested in collaborating on the FFC with other industry leaders in the FFC. For more information, see Sharing Platform.

    • Tailored environments that satisfy Multi Stakeholder Initiatives (MSI) Team Management compliance objectives. MSIs have both common and special requirements. The FFC environment serves both by using configuration.  No matter how many MSIs are in the FFC system, we can configure each MSI uniquely according to each of their needs. Each MSI can have as many member participants as they require.

  2. Customized Software Packages for companies who require reliable technical/business solutions for their independent CSR programs. For Brands/Retailers who require stand-alone platform approaches, our scalable software allows us to quickly configure distinct platforms with the capabilites they need.

  3. Custom software development for large scale MSIs and other CSR organizations. Whether it's a pilot program or a full scale application development, with our in-house software development team, FFC provides comprehensive Business Management Solutions for CSR. Please see some of our Clients.


All software developed and maintained by FFC is hosted on FFC-owned servers in a secure facility. Please Contact Us to obtain further details.