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Sharing Platform


An Industry Solution for Collaboration

FFC facilitates sharing of information relating to workplace conditions among FFC members to promote transparency in accordance with antitrust and anti-competition guidelines. This results in a global clearinghouse of factory information, allowing members to identify common needs for workplace improvement, prioritize them and attack them together. Collaboration lowers costs, reduces labor load, increases learning, improves leverage and enhances factory performance. However, collaboration and sharing is optional for each member in every regard.

To drive industry-wide collaboration, companies need an organization that is multi-party, market-wide, standards-neutral, mission-oriented, relationship enabling and not bottom-line vested. This is the role the FFC plays.

Smaller member companies will benefit from access to resources that they will not have on their own. Larger companies will benefit from more targeted efforts, uniform implementation in shared facilities and the creation of a level playing field where compliance is neither a competitive advantage nor disadvantage, but rather a baseline. Workers would benefit most if industries were to find an efficient and cost-effective way to monitor and improve their working conditions. Our mission is to provide the technology solution to help achieve this.

Tools to Help Your Collaboration Efforts Succeed

Our Sharing Platform allows you to:

  • Search factories/farms/workplaces to identify opportunities for collaboration

  • Identify where your factories overlap with other members

  • Communicate with other members to initiate collaboration

  • Access shared compliance documents

  • Share factory/farm/workplace lists and compliance documents anonymously (or not) with other members

All sharing and collaboration on the FFC is voluntary and can be open or anonymous. Members with existing in-house systems can also participate in sharing.

With an Eye on Antitrust / Anti-competition

The FFC has received a business review letter from the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division. We work closely with antitrust counsel from Wiggin and Dana to ensure that members are informed and follow antitrust and anti-competition guidelines. This gives our members increased reassurance when working collaboratively with potential competitors.