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The FFC Mission


Compliance Solutions for a Better World

Our mission is to facilitate informed ethical business decisions for a better and more livable world.

We build scalable software that facilitates continuous improvements in social, environmental and security issues. This results in safer, more humane working conditions for workers in consumer goods production supply chains. The configurability of the FFC software adapts to each client's unique needs allowing them to execute their own CSR approach. Our software enhances the capacity of business to conduct ethical sourcing more efficiently. We promote collaboration among companies to improve workplace conditions.

Corporate compliance is becoming more complex as the public and governments increasingly demand that companies monitor and manage their entire supply chain to ensure adherence to social, environmental, security, and safety requirements for products they manufacture and source globally. The FFC helps companies and business organizations stay ahead of this trend by providing collaborative, flexible, and cost-effective technology, training tools, and solutions for efficient and effective management of supply-chain compliance.

FFC's values are reflected in our mission to support global companies and industries as a positive force for improving living standards, working conditions, public health and safety, and environmental stewardship world-wide.  We pursue this goal by providing businesses maximum flexibility in deciding how to use the FFC's technology, products, and services in a way that best meets their own particular needs and objectives.