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Benefits of Membership


Use Our Configurable Software for Improved Compliance Management

The FFC is a configurable application that facilitates collaboration between members towards a common objective of improving workplace conditions. We work with each FFC member to configure the FFC software to conform to their business practices. As a result, the FFC application is a cost-effective solution for compliance management.

Identify Opportunities for Collaboration

We provide our members with greater chances of success through collaboration. Our software provides you with the ability to immediately identify overlap in your supply chain, and to exchange non-competitive information concerning factory compliance with other FFC members. FFC helps members eliminate redundancies, lower costs, increase learnings, and enhance performance. FFC does not promote a specific code standard, thus allowing each member to define its own assessment policies. The FFC has received a business review letter from the United States Department of Justice Antitrust Division.

Become Linked to a Global Community of Responsibility

FFC's current members demonstrate a genuine commitment to nurture responsible international workplaces. We have a track record of working with proactive companies who are leaders in their respective industries. By joining together to maximize their impact on industry practices, FFC members create the potential for lasting change in factory conditions.  There is clear benefit for the consumer, the worker and the supplier. Our collective experience has become our members' asset. FFC members assist other FFC members with knowledge regarding factory auditing and remediation, as well as case studies based upon their own experience and data. FFC Board members and experienced partners also provide ongoing expertise. We can help you by connecting you with knowledgeble CSR leaders.

Our Community Becomes Your Asset

When you join, FFC and our member companies partner with you. We facilitate member-driven working groups to share tools, discuss best practices and find practical solutions to workplace improvement challenges. Each members' areas of focus and experience help enhance the overall knowledge of the committees. This also influences the improvements to the FFC application.