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Audit Management & Collaboration


What is the cost to your Brand if JUST ONE of your supply sources is found to be not meeting your demanding Supplier Code of Conduct Standards?

  • Are your struggling with issues developing and maintaining a scalable global IT solution to support your mission?
  • Do you have a comprehensive record keeping system to document your supplier assessments in an organized way?
  • Can you easily flag supplier issues and identify corrective actions to help the supplier get better and keep you as a source of supply?
  • Are you contributing to supplier audit fatigue by applying overlapping standards and uncoordinated supplier visits?
  • Do you know if other organizations and brands are inspecting the same suppliers you are, and are you collaborating to get better results?
  • Can you map your supply chain to the level of details that consumers will eventually demand?
  • Can you easily report publicly on your mission with factual results?

Out of the box Multi-stakeholder community management and supply chain monitoring

FFC is a non-profit multi-stakeholder organization with a mission to bring about significant industry change. We are a membership organization that specializes in building and operating on-line communities to bring about transformative change. We provide tools and services to help brands document and monitor supplier compliance, but we also support building private communities for other MSI’s working to bring about sustainable industry change. By allowing individual companies and MSI’s to operate together inside one big community, we can help participants get greater and faster results as an industry.

While FFC’s community platform may have a simple to use interface and front end for all stakeholders, the behind the scenes sophistication of the platform evolved because brands in diverse industries worked together to get greater results. As a result, FFC is uniquely qualified to handle the most sophisticated and demanding supply chain challenges – quickly, and without years of additional up-front system development. Version 2.0 of FFC is ready now, and packed with capability to help brands accelerate their journey to improve supply chain conditions and sustainability.

Summary of Benefits of being an FFC Member

Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC) is a unique non-profit multi-stakeholder community that offers a great amount of software functionality for diverse stakeholders.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • Flexible out-of-the-box tools for state-of-the-art supply chain compliance that allow FFC members to easily fit FFC to their current processes.
  • FFC is a highly secure data repository to house and protect the most sensitive company confidential information.
  • The configurability of FFC’s platform makes the system suitable for brands of all sizes and level of sophistication.
  • FFC’s non-profit operating structure provides the lowest cost of entry and ownership, and annual membership does not lock a brand into a long-term service if they do not want to continue.
  • FFC’s solutions helps brand with elevated sourcing standards protect their brand reputation by putting a proven system behind their stated supplier codes of conduct.
  • FFC helps brands organize record keeping so they can report to their own stakeholders on their compliance activities and success.
  • FFC provides tools so brands can help their suppliers build capacity.
  • The FFC community allows brands to interact with and learn from diverse stakeholders that care about the values of ethic sourcing.
  • FFC facilitates working groups to allow members to tackle common problems together
  • FFC holds an annual member conference to discuss future strategies, provide updates on products, and allow members to network and share best practices.