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Member Services You Can Expect


Networking and Knowledge Referrals

In the FFC, competitors are allowed to collaborate. Our Department of Justice review letter defines the terms around which our application is based and collaboration is sanctioned for the purpose of improving workplace conditions. Our members collaborate regarding assessment findings, detailed factory information, planned assessment dates, corrective actions for non-compliance issues, etc.. Collaboration and sharing is optional for each member in every regard. Being a member of the FFC allows you to access knowledge of our experienced members. This can either be by direct contact or via our training webinars, product improvement webinars, annual User Group Conferences or by direct referrals.

Application Enhancements

Our highly interactive and cooperative monthly training webinars, product improvement webinars and annual User Group Conferences result directly in member requested application enhancements. We have an in-house software development team that is regularly working on upgrading the FFC Application. All the improvements are included as part of the annual membership fees. Members do not have to pay for any enhancements that are integrated into the standard FFC tool and available for all members to use. Special development requests for individual members are handled separately.


Member Services communicates with members regularly via newsletters and emails regarding announcements concerning system improvements, software releases, and corporate social responsibility updates.