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Our Team


Peter Burrows

Executive Director

Peter is the Chief Executive Officer for the Fair Factories Clearinghouse (FFC) and is responsible for all general finance and general management duties as well as establishing long-term FFC product portfolio, mission, strategy and operational goals in conjunction with the FFC Board of Directors.

Peter co-founded the FFC in 2004 with decades of IT executive and general management experience in diverse industries including consumer goods, footwear and apparel, and high‐tech electronics and manufacturing industries. Peter is a well‐noted technology innovator and his systems work has been the subject of many articles and academic studies and the recipient of many distinguished awards.

Sheetal Parikh

Chief Technology Officer

Sheetal is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at FFC and is responsible for the design, development and operation of all FFC technology products, as well as the solution design for new non-profit customer applications. Sheetal manages all software development architects and engineers, all FFC secure datacenters, and all FFC technology partners.

Sheetal joined FFC in 2010 and has over 18 years of professional IT experience, including senior IT management positions as Senior Software Engineer/Architect, Network Administrator and Database Administrator in the Finance, Insurance and Aerospace industries. Sheetal is a Microsoft certified Database Administrator, Network Administrator and Java Certified Programmer. Sheetal has website and client‐server software development experience through all phases of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) including requirements gathering and analysis, technical and end user documentation, Object‐Oriented Programming (OOP), software testing and troubleshooting and problem analysis and resolution ‐ in single and Multi‐Layer Architecture (MLA).

Mark McDonough

Head of PMO & Data Protection Officer

Mark is the Chief Data Protection Officer for FFC. His responsibilities include managing the company’s data protection policies and controls in light of the ever changing global security requirements and challenges. Mark also manages FFC’s Project Management Office to ensure that our ongoing projects are appropriately controlled and managed in coordination with our Member partners.

Mark joined FFC in 2018 with more than 35 years of experience in systems implementation, project management and consulting with Ernst and Young, Reebok, the adidas Group, Rockport and other companies. In addition, Mark has managed Sarbanes Oxley controls reporting as well as responses to internal and external security audits including those involving Payment Card Industry Controls (PCI).

Lynn Stevenson

Head of  Customer Impact and Engagement

Lynn's role at FFC is to unify customer support and guide the organization in program and system development that allows for greater impact on improving supplier/producer conditions.   Lynn is responsible for leading the Account Management team that’s committed to maximizing members satisfaction with FFC.

Lynn’s background includes both senior IT executive and business executive roles and she is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in the state of Massachusetts.  Lynn has strong customer engagement skills, and an in-depth knowledge of IT and business management.  While Vice President at adidas Group, Lynn was responsible for the Global IT side of e-commerce.  She also managed the Application Engineering and IT Support department which included the PMO office, Global Software Development, Enterprise Integration, Global Testing,  Global Application Support and IT Training teams.  At Reebok, Lynn led the complete Global SAP transformation for all Reebok Brands and subsidiary locations.  Prior to Reebok, Lynn worked as a Senior Auditor at Ernst & Young.

Brendan McMahon

Product Manager/Account Executive

As the FFC products have expanded in scope and capability, the CTO has delegated responsibility for ongoing product development to one or more deputies. Brendan is the product manager for the core FFC product modules and as such he plans, and guides product development and enhancements for the main FFC CSR solution. In addition, Brendan also helps the CTO consider architectural changes to the FFC products to support emerging requirements and new trends in the compliance industry; and he serves as account executive for specific FFC members and MSI clients.

Brendan joined the FFC in 2008 with over 30 years of general management and web-based Software Development Management experience with Ph.D. in the geology and background in environmental chemistry, tourism, and corporate social responsibility industries.

John Simpao

Lead Software Engineer

John is FFC’s Lead Software Development Engineer. In addition to the software he develops, John provides oversight and quality control on the software developed by others ensuring it meets FFC software development life cycle standards. John manages the FFC source control libraries, and manages the software release duties. John also helps the CTO evaluate add on software tools and their integration into the FFC environment.

John joined FFC in 2007 and has over 12 years of experience in the design and development of complex web-based applications in a number of different industries.

Laurie Mullaly

Project Manager

Laurie is an FFC Project Manager assigned to specific FFC members and non-profit customers. As a system designer and Project Manager, Laurie oversees the planning, implementation and tracking of FFC software updates using Agile/Scrum project management methodologies, including ticket creation/requirements specification, cost estimation, assistance with QA, and problem resolution. Laurie meets regularly with assigned FFC clients to train and assist them with all aspects of the FFC platform, from onboarding new users to supporting specific technical needs. She also facilitates member webinars, and maintains the online documentation for FFC.

Laurie joined FFC in 2011 and has over twenty years of experience as a Business Systems Analyst and Project Manager in the consumer goods industry.

Julie McCarthy

Senior Manager of Member Services.

Julie McCarthy is Senior Manager of Member Services. Julie and her team of account managers meet regularly with assigned FFC members to train and assist them with all aspects of the FFC platform, from onboarding new users to supporting specific technical needs.  Julie works to help clients understand the full potential of FFC and acts as liaison for updates, requested improvements and custom development with the FFC technical team.  Julie is available for demos or meetings to address any questions regarding the FFC platform.

Julie joined FFC in 2013 and has over 13 years of experience in the agriculture, and consumer goods industry as a General Manager, and business analyst.

Lahiru Perera

Project Lead

Lahiru joined FFC in 2014. Lahiru has a bachelor’s degree in Information and Communication Technology and a passed finalist at Charted Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA-UK). He also has Master of Science degree in Finance from Northeastern University and since completed an MBA in Analytics, Technology, and Innovation. Lahiru oversees the planning, implementation, and customizing of FFC software to fit MSI clients using Agile/Scrum project management methodologies; this includes developing requirements specifications, design documents, statement of works, cost estimations, managing developers/sprints, assistance with QA, and problem resolution.

Lahiru conducts meetings with project sponsors and project managers from the MSI clients and provides project updates, technical direction, and consults them on best practices for MSI Audit data management.

Kelly Simoneau

Account Manager

Kelly’s priority is creating long term relationships with each member which helps her identify their specific needs. Kelly stays in regular contact with her members ensuring they are getting the most out of their FFC membership. Kelly also plays an integral role in supporting our ongoing member training.

Kelly joined FFC in 2018 with over 15 years of experience in Custom Service, Training, Human Resources, Office Management, and Marketing and has worked in large companies like Reebok international as well as small startup technology companies.

Emily Lemos

Business Development Manager and Special Projects

As Business Development Manager, Emily is responsible for conducting industry analysis, assisting with the design and development of sales and marketing initiatives as well as managing and coordinating our Annual Member Meeting. Emily leads and assists with various special projects to contribute to the FFC’s continued growth and transformation. Additionally, Emily is responsible for offering support services to our non-profit customers.

Emily joined FFC in 2015 with over six years of Ethical Sourcing and Marketing experience at Hasbro, Inc.

We also have an offshore team of skilled and experienced Business Analysts, Architect, Senior and Junior Software Developers, Quality Assurance Personnel work on multiple custom and core FFC projects.