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Membership Categories


Membership Types

The FFC offers various types of membership. Here is an overview of some of the most common types of memberships.

  • FFC Full Member - This is the most common membership type that allows a company to maintain all of its factory monitoring activity on the FFC Platform. Members in this category can create self-assessments, manage audit questionnaires, schedule inspections, track compliance findings and give access to their supply chain to track workplace improvements. A Full Member can provide access to an unlimited number of users in their supply chain.

  • FFC Sharing and Collaboration Member - This membership type is for companies that may already have CSR platforms and are interested in collaboration with other FFC members. Members in this category can collaborate on inspections and corrective actions by partnering with other FFC members. Our members have found these features to be extremely useful in reducing costs and making impactful improvements in factories. 

  • FFC Factory Group Member - Factory Group Members have the ability to perform compliance management over the factories within their group and can share that information with their buyers.