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Membership Dues


We Invite You To Our Community

We hope to have you with us, using our knowledge and tools, and working together toward greater efficiency and increased collaboration to improve working conditions around the world. We work with each FFC member to configure the FFC software to conform to their business practices. As a result, the FFC Application is a cost-effective compliance management solution.

Company / Brand / Retailer members pay annual dues and an integration / set-up fee. Both are based on revenues according to the Table of Dues.

Table of Dues

Members of our Trade Association Members - the National Retail Federation, The Retail Council of Canada or World Federation of Sporting Goods Industry - receive a discount on their annual dues. “Revenues” are either a) the gross annual income of the business or b) the business's gross annual income from "private label" and / or "importer of record". Set up fee includes (1) FFC assistance with one-time upload of factory and supplier list using FFC's bulk import utility, and (2) participation in two “train-the-trainer” webinar programs for Member Designated Administrators on the set-up and use of the FFC Software.